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Malus 'Braeburn'

Braeburn Apple

This selection hit America in the 1980's and became a fruit stand classic with its great taste, crispness and long keeping ability. A mid-season bloomer but one of the latest Apples to mature, it takes until early fall to ripen to full flavor and versatility.  

  • »  Harvest mid to late September
  • »  Very crisp and juicy
  • »  Late maturing but bountiful fruit
  • »  Memorable sweet but tart flavor
  • »  Long keeper in storage
  • »  Perfect for fresh eating and cooking
  • »  Fruit stand quality
  • »  Flowers in May

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  • Category:Edibles
  • Hardiness Zone:5-8
  • Height:12-15 ft
  • Spread:12-15 ft
  • Foliage Color: Green Shades

(Semi-dwarf) This chance seedling found in New Zealand in the 1950s hit American shores in the 1980s and became a fruit stand classic for its great taste, crispness and long keeping ability. Unfortunately, it has not been readily available to the home fruit landscaper. Thats too bad because it is a great Apple to grow but with a couple of quirks. While it is a mid-season bloomer that can be pollinated by many other Apple selections,Braeburn is one of the latest Apples to mature with the fruit taking into early to mid-fall to fully ripen. Braeburn also will flower like crazy as a youth but it will keep you waiting a couple seasons longer than most Apples to bear considerable fruit. These two quirks aside, you will findBraeburn to be the Apple of your eye featuring outstanding taste whether fresh or cooked, crisp, tart flesh, great storage ability and a multi-use nature that will keep your fruit hungry family begging for more!

Additional Information about Malus 'Braeburn'

The sugar of a sweet Apple is practically a predigested food, ready to pass into the blood to provide energy and warmth for the body, in fact, the whole process of its digestion may be completed in just eighty five minutes!

Growing & Maintenance Tips for Malus 'Braeburn'

Fertilize yearly with an organic fertilizer. Plant in moist, well-drained soil in full sun.