Pyrus X Red Bartlett

Red Bartlett Pear

  • Favorite among backyard garden pears
  • Great fruit size, taste, and versatility
  • Large, deep red-skinned pear
  • Matures late August to late September
  • Sweet and juicy with slightly gritty white flesh
  • Very productive and easy to store
  • Ideal pear for canning
This Aussie created selection arrived on US shores in 1959 and has been a backyard fruiting favorite ever since. It's easy to see why with its great fruit size, taste and versatility. This big, deep red skinned Pear matures starting in late August and continuing into late September producing a fruit that is very sweet and juicy with a white flesh that delivers a bit of grittiness that adds to the eating experience without being bothersome. 'Red Bartlett' is very productive and very easy to store for later use in baking projects and is one of the ideal Pears for canning. 'Red Bartlett' can be pollinated by any other non-Asian Pear

Characteristics and Attributes