Cornus kousa Radiant Rose

Radiant Rose Dogwood

While Cornus florida selections welcome spring, kousa selections like 'Radiant Rose' welcome summer with their mid-June, long lasting bloom that keeps them showy right into July. 'Radiant Rose' is one of the great pink kousa selections that distinguishes itself with flowers that mature deeper in color than the others offering a bolder show in the landscape. 'Radiant Rose' is a profuse bloomer whose bracts slowly size, emerging light pink only to darken as they mature. Like all kousa types, 'Radiant Rose' will tolerate full sun far better than the florida selections and is a dense, rounded tree with shiny, deep green foliage. 'Radiant Rose' is a perfect small specimen that has even more interest that its bloom with spectacular burgundy-red fall color, large red, songbird attracting fruit and a mottled bark that is subtly spectacular in winter.