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Typical Bronx NY neighborhood

Typical Bronx NY neighborhood

A Day in the Life Delivering Plants for Prides Corner Farms

"I've Been Everywhere Man" (Johnny Cash) or a Prides Corner Driver

You’ve all heard the Johnny Cash classic right?

Well this past week, I’ve been to; Middletown RI, Exeter RI, Warwick RI, Coventry RI, Chepatchet RI, Newington CT, Terryville CT, Danbury CT, Carmel NY, Chatham NY, Richfield Springs NY North Smithfield RI, Norwell MA, Weymouth MA (early), West Newbury MA, North Reading Ma, Winchester MA, Newburgh NY, Lake Katrine NY, Poughkeepsie NY, Wappinger Falls NY, North Salem, NY, Bronx NY, all this times 10 other drivers.

We’ve Been Everywhere Man in just one week.

We’ve seen the stars in the morning light, some unbelievable sunrises and sunsets with a few rainbows thrown in….Not to mention some Rain, (when will it ever end?).

Almost all the territory we cover is out of the drought mode by now?

 I read in our newsletter that lots of rain in May and June can start a fungus that is only dangerous to Gypsy Moths and can slow them down or wipe them out. Can we get an update on that?

While driving down I-95 the other morning listening to NPR, (yes truck drivers are allowed) I heard what I already knew to be true. The Connecticut section of I-95 is considered to be one of the top 19 most dangerous highways in the country.

Just another day at the office for us, but we do some horrendous wrecks that back up traffic for hours each week.

I had a chance to deliver to an address in my old home town of East Hartford recently, and when I looked on google maps (earth) it was at Pratt & Whitney Aircraft, where my Dad worked for 35 years and where every kid I knew in High School put in sometime including me.

What a trip down memory lane to return there and spend the morning unloading plants in front of their new headquarters building. Once again I was reminded of “What a long strange trip it’s been.”

The on-site deliveries this week included some palatial estates that had more money in trees planted and on the ground than I will make in the next 4 years. Some photos are included with some of the country roads we get to drive down.

Also some photos of blind side back-ins that require traffic to be stopped in both directions. Other photos of unloading at a huge apartment complex in the Bronx a killer cheeseburger I had the luxury of stopping for at a tiny diner in New Jersey, and the new Nitro Coffee being prepared at a Dunkin Donuts.

Until next time, 

Bill Humphreys

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