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  • Showcase Plant - Pink Frost Lenten Rose

    Helleborus x ballardiae 'Pink Frost'

    Bold, beefy and beautiful, this member of the Gold Collection® of Hellebores will give you cause for celebration as one of the first flowers to bloom in your garden after a long, cold winter. And, you won't just be celebrating only a flower or two on some wimpy plant that looks like it was lucky to eke through winter...'Pink Frost' powers its way through the winter with its spreading mound of leathery, silvery, deep green, evergreen foliage that serves as the release point for stems that hold up burgundy to white buds a discreet distance above the leaves.  These buds open at the first hint of warmer weather in March with a flurry of light pink flowers with fat petals surrounding a circle of golden stamens.  These flowers gradually darken as they age to a deep burgundy shade that will shine in the garden.