Jack Sellew

Wholesale Yard Manager - Cromwell Location

Phone: (860) 777-5705

I started my career at Prides Corner in 2009 working during my summer vacations throughout high school and parts of college.  After graduating from Cornell’s Ag School in 2015, I briefly worked in Boston before following my passion to return to Prides Corner on a full time basis.  I always knew that I wanted to come back to join my family business and I was very excited to begin my journey.  I spent the first few months rotating through several production departments before landing in our wholesale yard where I have been fortunate enough to serve some of our local landscaping customers.  Those first few months were vital for me as I was able to work alongside many of our employees.  It reinforced the beliefs I had that the Prides Corner team is full of incredible people who continue to push this company to become better every day.  

My Favorite Plant:

My favorite plant is Syringa 'Royal Purple'. I like Royal Purple specifically because it has such a reliable bloom with a very fragrant scent.


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