Rhododendron yak. Golden Torch

Golden Torch Rhododendron

  • »  Showy bloom
  • »  Small, neat, matte green leaves
  • »  Great flower power
  • »  Dusky pink buds open to salmon pink and mature to a creamy yellow
  • »  Reliable grower
  • »  Rounded and compact form
  • »  Excellent for smaller gardens or poolside containers

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  • Hardiness Zone:7-9
  • Height:20-30 Inches
  • Spread:36-48 Inches
  • Bloom Color: Yellow Shades

Neat, small leaves have a lovely matte green color that is the perfect background to the flower show to follow. Dusky pink buds open into rich salmon pink nuggets with full flowers maturing into a creamy-rich yellow. Exceptional flower production on a reliable grower. This rounded and compact beauty offers flowers that from opening pink to maturing pale yellow. Great for smaller gardens or pool side containers.

Foliage Color
Flower Color
Season of Interest (Flowering)
Late Spring
Partial Sun
Partial Shade
Growing & Maintenance Tips for Rhododendron yak. 'Golden Torch'

Likes enriched, well-drained soil and mulch. Protect from afternoon sun and winter wind. Prune immediately after flowering in late spring by cutting branches to just above a set of leaves.